Talisman of love
Rose quartz - soft pink quartz. The shade of this type of quartz is always dim, relatively unstable (it disappears when heated to 300 degrees). Physical properties are similar to stones of the quartz group - medium hardness, glassy luster. Not afraid of water, but strong impacts and high temperatures can ruin the stone.

It is rarely transparent. Mostly opaque. It is also very rarely found in the form of crystals. Most often in nature it is found in the form of solid masses.

Opalescence, asterism and cat's eye effects may be present. The latter arise due to the presence of inclusions in the stone in the form of the thinnest "hairs" of rutile.

Rose quartz helps fight stress, relieves emotional stress, extinguishes outbursts of anger, sets the heart to goodness and love. It muffles the pain of old emotional and heart wounds.

Rose quartz increases self-esteem and self-confidence, improves mutual understanding between people. This stone gives vitality to its owner, promotes the development of sensuality, increases creativity. But it is not exactly.
There is one very beautiful legend about rose quartz. When Adonis was attacked by Ares, the god of war, reincarnated as a boar, Aphrodite, in love with the handsome man, tried to help him. But, hurrying to help, the goddess got tangled in a thorny bush and when she finally got there, it was already too late, Adonis died. The blood from the fangs and scratches from the thorns mixed and dyed the quartz deposits in this place pink.

However, the legend ends happily. Zeus took pity on Aphrodite and Adonis and every year he resurrected the beautiful young man to life for six months.