Kyanite is a mineral that contains impurities of compounds of iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, which determine a certain color of the crystal. Depending on the amount and ratio of impurities, the color of kyanite can vary from yellow to purple or even almost black. The Minty Sky jewelery uses mainly deep blue kyanite, as well as stunning aquamarine kyanite.

Kyanite is one of the few minerals that is never counterfeited. And in the dark times of the late Middle Ages, on the contrary, kyanite (it was called "baus" in those days) was passed off as a sapphire (yahont).
Kyanite has one very interesting property - the hardness of the crystal of this mineral differs sharply in directions: transverse - 7 (on the Mohs scale), and longitudinal - only 4.4. This unusual property is reflected in the second name of the mineral - "distene".
Interestingly, kyanite, despite its fragility, is a refractory material and is used to produce various refractory products. That's for sure.

Kyanite is considered a talisman of travelers, since it used to be believed that a crystal of kyanite, suspended from a human hair, faces the north with the same end. Therefore, travelers - contemporaries of this statement - always carried kyanite crystals with them.

Kyanite helps you focus on the one task that matters most at the moment.
Also, the stone promotes self-knowledge and self-improvement, helps to understand one's place in life and find a job to one's liking.
Kyanite is able to dispel empty illusions, extinguish anger, relieve tension. It is even believed that he forces to tell the truth. But it is not exactly.