Stones to help overcome anxiety
The fact that some stones help to cure all diseases, call for wealth and love is doubtful for many. But for anxiety, certain stones can really help. And it depends not so much on the type of mineral as on its characteristics. But before describing the mechanism of helping the stone in overcoming anxiety, it is worth defining this term.
According to Wikipedia, anxiety is a negatively colored emotion that expresses a feeling of uncertainty, the expectation of negative events, and hard-to-define premonitions. Anxiety is associated with the subconscious mobilization of the body's mental forces to overcome a potentially dangerous situation.

Why does anxiety make us so uncomfortable? There are two problems here. First, the causes of anxiety, unlike fear, are often not recognized by us or are not fully realized. Secondly, as a rule, the mobilization of the forces of the body is meaningless, since it rarely helps to resolve the situation that causes anxiety, "here and now." Thus, our internal tension does not find a natural outlet, and the brain, trying to get rid of it, finds senseless and often harmful activities for us - nail biting, smoking, snapping the knuckles, picking something on the skin and much more. . That is, we are doing something, the tension seems to be decreasing, but the anxiety has remained the same, only with bitten nails.

In order to cope with the causes of anxiety, it is still worth contacting a psychologist or psychotherapist. But finding an alternative to bitten nails is easier than it seems. And this is jewelry with stones. But no, it’s not enough just to wear them, as, indeed, not every stone is suitable in this case.

Iridescence, dichroism, aventurescence, opalescence - all these are your assistants in the fight against internal tension when anxiety is exacerbated. Optical effects distract our brain better than any bad habit, but the result of their impact is longer and of higher quality. Thus, all stones that have inclusions and / or optical effects are able to switch our brain and help in overcoming the internal tension associated with anxiety. Meditative study of the "inner world" of the mineral really calms and distracts our consciousness.

That is why for such purposes it is better to choose jewelry in which the stone is constantly in front of your eyes - rings, bracelets. Looking at iridescence on a moonstone, the cosmos of inclusions inside solar feldspar, or looking for the best angle of view for dichroism on iolites will all help you reduce the inner tension caused by anxiety and make life a little more pleasant.