Stone of Wisdom and Hope
Emerald belongs to the beryl group. Its closest "relatives" are aquamarine and heliodor.

This stone, together with sapphire, ruby ​​and diamond, belongs to the stones of the first category. However, unlike them, the emerald is quite fragile. With a hardness index of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale, emerald, often characterized by an abundance of inclusions, is extremely prone to chipping under even moderate mechanical stress. For this reason, emeralds are often cut in the form of a cabochon or a special emerald cut. This minimizes the chipping of raw materials during processing.
Rough Emerald Crystal
Emerald, unlike many other stones, does not have a wide range of colors, limited only to shades of green. At the same time, in the process of determining the quality and cost of a stone, the color intensity is valued in the first place, while the presence of inclusions and their quantity is a secondary feature.

Sometimes unscrupulous sellers call low-quality pale emeralds "young" emeralds. This characteristic is incorrect, since over time (if we are talking about time intervals comparable to those required for the formation of an emerald crystal in the earth's crust), the color and transparency of the emerald do not change.
Interestingly, the attitude towards the emerald was different in different cultures. The ancient Egyptians considered the emerald one of the sacred stones, calling it "the stone of the goddess Isis." They believed that the emerald was able to make dreams come true, and the person wearing the jewelry with the emerald was able to read minds, see the past and foresee the future.

Also, the emerald was positively perceived in Ancient Greece and the countries of Islam. However, Christianity considered the emerald a "witch" stone, hence the legend about how the largest emerald fell to the ground from Lucifer's helmet when he was expelled from heaven. According to another legend, the Holy Grail was carved from emerald.

Emerald will be a good talisman for people born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer. They say that emerald is able to give inspiration and spiritual uplift to creative people, this stone can "attract" success and good luck to business people. Emerald also helps in scientific research and philosophy. But it is not exactly.