Feldspar, the closest relative of moonstone and simply handsome.
Labradorite (labradorite) is a variety of iridescent feldspar from the plagioclase group. The stone was named after the Canadian peninsula of Labrador, where it was first found in 1770.

Also, as synonyms for the name of this mineral, they are very rarely used: bruise, lynx eye, tavusite or iris.
Depending on the optical properties, the following varieties of labradorite are distinguished:

- Spectrolite is a labradorite that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Spectrolites are found in Finland, where they were discovered in 1940 in Ylämaa during the construction of a line of fortifications;

- Black moonstone - labradorite with blue and blue iridescence;

- Sunstone - labradorite with golden iridescence, mined in Oregon (USA).

Labradorites often have mica inclusions, which add to the iridescence also the effect of aventirescence - the flickering of the stone in bright light.

Labradorite is characterized by parallel hatching of polysynthetic twinning, which can be observed on cleavage planes. As a result of this phenomenon, stripes are often visible on the stones, which are features of the structure of the mineral.

Labrador is a stone of the water element, and therefore is strongly associated with the emotions that water symbolizes. The nature of the mineral is particularly resistant and independent, thanks to these properties, the Labrador helps to cope with strong emotions. In moments of excess, overheating and imbalance, you can immerse yourself in the contemplation of the overflows of the stone.

Independence and freedom are very important factors for a Labrador. It helps to return to yourself, to your true motives and desires. This is the inner core that everyone has, but which often lacks nourishment and support. The Labrador is very good in moments of loneliness, he helps to accept this state and find pluses in it. This stone teaches us to be self-sufficient. At the same time, it is a very mature and wise stone. It helps to get to know yourself more deeply, your dark and hidden sides. Everything that we fear and hide in ourselves can begin to manifest itself at the moments when we are in close contact with the stone. Labrador helps to see yourself from different sides, without tension and negativity. This is a useful stone to love in yourself even that which seemed to be absolutely imperfect.

Labradorite awakens hidden talents in a person and helps to develop them, gives bright dreams and makes its owner try to "embrace the immensity", to accomplish what previously seemed unattainable - this is exactly the talisman with which you will make the impossible possible. But it is not exactly.