Stones - talismans of love
As you know, some stones are considered the so-called "talismans of love." In this article, we will briefly review these stones, talking in more detail about their properties.

So, in the list of "classic" talismans of love - tourmaline-rubellite, garnet (pyrope, almandine) and rose quartz - all stones are in red-pink colors. That is, for example, black garnet-melanite is not considered a talisman of love, like colorless quartz or green tourmaline-verdelite. Does this mean it's all about color? Perhaps, although at the same time, the ruby ​​is more often associated with vitality, power and determination.

Rose quartz is a stone of love, tenderness, beauty and peace of mind, a talisman of lovers.

It is believed that rose quartz helps unmarried girls get married successfully.

Pomegranate is a stone of love that can excite passion. It drives away sadness and brings joy to the owner.

It is believed that red garnets excite sexuality, enhance the sense of courage, stimulate the will and endurance, develop self-esteem.

Pink tourmaline helps unhappy lovers, the perfect talisman for Capricorns and Scorpios.
If we turn to color theory, then the red color is directly related to love, because it increases the heart rate and increases blood pressure, that is, it acts on the body like adrenaline. And the latter, as you know, is the source of our energy in various situations. That is, it seems to enhance and exacerbate feelings. And if we are driven by a feeling of love, then it can also become aggravated, however, as well as feelings of fear or hatred.

With pink, everything is somewhat more difficult. This color is considered a symbol of tenderness, happiness, hope. And at first glance, he is not capable of awakening or strengthening something. But who knows how it affects our psyche during long-term interaction. Perhaps we really become more tender and sensual with time, constantly wearing a rose quartz ring, for example. But this is very individual.

On the other hand, what if it's not about color at all, but about something metaphysical, inaccessible to our understanding? Maybe, but then it's more a matter of faith. And in love is worth believing in any case.