Lisa Chaikina about the "wrong" pearls

"... chemical decomposition, dissolution, hydrolysis, hydration, oxidation and carbonatization" - I read about the processes of opal formation in the earth's crust. And I think about why I have always avoided pearls - in my work, in my jewelry.
Pearls are a fragile organic material that is not recommended to be rubbed hard, wet, hit, in general, everything that I usually do with jewelry during my life in them. But one day it hit me. I really wanted pearls. Something with pearls. Anything with pearls. I was ready for anything: take it off when taking a shower, store it in a special box, protect it from the cruel world and sunlight. Incredible, I thought, why do I need these pearls. But later, after reading about what is the impetus for the formation of a pearl, I understood and partly explained my craving for this difficult material.
Pain. What forces the mollusk to form a pearl is the pain from the intrusion into his body of something alien, foreign. Not dissolution and hydrolysis, however, but suffering, discomfort of a living organism. The clam, unable to defeat its enemy, makes it a part of itself.
I had a very difficult year. Pain is what haunts me. And often I, like these very molluscs, cannot get rid of what causes discomfort. So I live with it, drawing inspiration from the pain. Just as a mollusc creates a beautiful pearl from what hurts him, so I create everything that comes out (poetry, stories, paintings, jewelry), driven by the goal of turning what gives me pain and discomfort into something beautiful.
Now pearls are my favorite material. My talisman. And I don't care that I'm a Capricorn and, according to all horoscopes, pearls are the last thing that "suits" me.