minty sky jwl designers team presents
Body-positive gems
NFT-collection of 10.000 one of a kind gemstones with inclusions
For many centuries gemstones with inclusions were stones of the "second grade". As well as people with features of appearance. These inclusions were associated with "garbage inside the stone", "dirt" and so on. But their existence testifies only to one thing - a stone, like a person, was born by this world. It's natural. And it has every right to be the way it is.

Mankind has come a long way to realize that people with special appearances are the same as everyone else. And no one should be ashamed of their figure, moles or eye color. And there are no standards of beauty. This is just a set of characteristics that appeal to a certain and initially very small group of people. Unfortunately not everything is so good. And to realize does not mean to solve the problem. Our division into "corresponding to standards and not conforming to standards" is a manifestation of a special type of thinking, where everything around is divided into right and wrong. It shouldn't be like that. And for many the problem of accepting features of appearance does not begin with their acceptance by society, but with accepting yourself as you are.

Here is a collection of 10,000 gemstones with a variety of inclusions - "features". These stones are different, beautiful and not perfect, just like people. Acceptance of such gemstones is one of steps towards acceptance of one's own features. And we believe that this is important and should be discussed.

First ten pieces you can already find at OpenSea. These pieces are created as good examples which have been approved. And particulary from these pieces history of "Body-positive gems" started.
Every gemstone is a piece of magic
And you can find your own mascot among natural gemstones.
It is believed that iolite dissolves the fear of the unknown, helps to neutralize the depressed state of the psyche. In difficult situations, it helps to make a decision, even if it seems that there is no way out.
Smoky quartz
It was believed that smoky quartz could become a guide to the other world, which is why this stone was previously feared and baked in bread to become a yellow citrine.
Rubellite is a variety of tourmaline of pink, red, raspberry color. The color of the stone is caused by manganese impurities.
There is a legend that says that aquamarines are frozen splashes of the ocean. The wave, hitting the coastal stones, throws millions of sparkling drops ashore like fireworks, which fall on the ground in bulk.