Stone of love and inspiration
Moonstone is a name that combines several varieties of feldspars with an iridescent effect.

An iridescent effect (schiller) is a special optical effect that manifests itself in the form of an iridescent color radiance in bright light on an even chipped stone, and especially after polishing.

Bluish-white to light blue, sometimes with golden, yellow and reddish tints, flickering under the surface of the stone, changing with the slightest turn of the stone. Iridescence is also noted in quartz and corundum, and also very rarely in beryl and diopside.

An iridescent effect (schiller) is not only in minerals, but also in wildlife (for example, on the wings of butterflies, in the shells of mollusks, fish, beetles).
Slice of belomorite with iridescence
Thus, feldspars of milky, white, grayish color or completely colorless, having the effect of iridescence, are called moonstone.

Adularia as a rule a completely transparent variety of moonstone, which has An iridescent effect (schiller) in cold shades.
Belomorite (an iridescent variety of albite), on the contrary, is opaque.

As a rule, feldspars can have inclusions resembling cracks, which are features of their structure. Also in light feldspars, especially in oligoclases, black inclusions are often found which makes them unusual and interesting from a collection point of view.
According to legends initially the moonstone was present in every stone but not all of them could turn into a beautiful and valuable gemstone. For this to happen, the stone had to lie in a certain place (unfortunately, now the coordinates of this place are unknown) for a very long time (how many were not reported exactly) and absorb the moonlight of thousands of full moons. After that, the stone itself began to glow like the moon and this light made it even and smooth, like coastal pebbles. And the person who was lucky to find him received the gift of foresight. Chaldean magicians, for example, put adularia under the tongue to see the future (unfortunately, we have not tested this method and cannot guarantee its reliability and safety, so it is better not to repeat it at home).

Moonstone is resistant to moisture, cosmetics and sunlight. The mineral is afraid of strong blows and exposure to open fire.

Moonstone calms the mind, awakens dreaminess, softness and tenderness in people, eliminates anger and inner tension, promotes the development of intuition and imagination, brings relief to people experiencing the negative influence of the full moon. But it is not exactly.
Moonstone is considered a stone for "new beginnings". It is also a symbol of inner growth and strength.
Moonstone is ideal for people of creative professions, as it has the ability to give inspiration.