Minty Sky & GemGeneve
At the beginning of May 2022, Elizabeth, the designer and founder of the brand, traveled to Geneva to participate in the GemGeneve international exhibition of stones and jewelry.
Minty Sky jwl was one of the brands in the Emerging Talents section. From May 5 to May 8 products from the latest Minty Sky collections were exhibited along with jewelry masterpieces from Cartier, Rene Lalique, Bvlgari, etc.
Minty Sky is not just another brand from a big city. It was born in the middle of the steppe. There is a completely different pace of life, a different perception of nature and a lot of sky. And it was this inspiration from the sky, embodied in Art Nouveau pieces, that Elizabeth brought to Geneva. It took three days to reach the destination. And almost the same - to go back. But it was definitely worth it!
Journalists from Italy and Switzerland wrote about Minty Sky jwl, noting the special author's style of jewelry and their "airiness".

What was the most difficult? Believe that everything that happens is not a dream. And that after a long period of searching for their own style and mastering techniques, Minty Sky jewelry has taken its rightful place among those products that were created by world-famous designers and jewelers.