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Beauty of natural stones, their magic and diversity is what inspires us. In our work we use only natural stones in an effort to show their natural charm.
Stones and minerals are not just "beautiful sparkles". Each of them has its own energy and affects to the person wearing it. In the blog on our website you can find a description of the properties of stones, minerals and metals from which our jewelry are made.
Each piece of jewelry created within the Minty Sky jwl is more than a collection of stones, metal and jewelry making skills. We carefully consider the sketch of each model, its idea and concept in order to present you with something more than the sum of its parts.

The materials we use are inseparable from the design, being an integral part of it. We treat jewelry like paintings where colors are stones and metals.
We are happy to answer your questions about our jewelry!
How the jewelry was made, what properties has a particular gemstone, whether it is treated or natural, etc. so that you can make the right choice!

No plastic, rubber or obscure (and often even unhealthy) alloys! We also do not use coatings and try to minimize the use of treated stones so that the products are simple and understandable, and the materials from which they are made do not change their properties over time. Gold - gold, silver - silver, ruby - ruby, emerald - emerald. And no surprises.
All items are handmade and therefore unique!
Cutting of stones, casting of the setting, insertion of the stone into the setting - everything is done by hand. We are against the automation of the process and putting production on stream, since in this case the quality of products suffers. Moreover, working with natural stones requires a special, careful attitude towards them, so the type and method of setting is selected in each case individually, depending on the type of stone.

What we do is our Otaku!
The Japanese have come up with many useful and mysterious words. One of them is an "otaku". It means more than just a hobby.
OUR inspiration
Tanzanite is a mineral that was first discovered quite recently. In the late 60s of the 20th century, an expedition that went to explore the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in search of rubies discovered crystals of a mineral very similar to sapphire. Actually, it was considered a sapphire until, according to the results of the examination, this gemstone appeared before scientists as a variety of already known zoisite.
Steingelite, cordierite, Spanish lazulite, dichroite, lynx sapphire, water sapphire. It seems that iolite, by the number of synonymous names, occupies almost the first place in the list of jewelry stones, and this despite the fact that this mineral has no varieties and "close relatives".
Moonstone is a name that combines several varieties of feldspars with an iridescent effect.

Irization is a special optical effect that manifests itself in the form of an iridescent color radiance in bright light on an even chipped stone, and especially after polishing.
All products are covered by a lifetime warranty!
We are confident in the quality of our products, which is why a warranty card is issued for each product you purchase!

We do not seek to make our products available to the general public!
Thus, we remain true to quality and style. Cheap and good does not happen, so we spend on creation of our products exactly as much time, metal and stones as it takes to get a result that can cause admiration. Both stones and metals are selected solely in accordance with the criteria for the conformity of the finished product with the original design.

not for everyone
We do not invent additional "properties" for jewelry to justify their purchase.
Investments are made on the stock market, and jewelry is for the soul and mood!

just jewelry
Magical jewelry with inspiring gemstones
NEREIDES ring with emerald and diamonds in 14k yellow gold
CELESTIAL ring with cobalt blue spinel and diamonds in 14k white gold
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